Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Booktastik only features books that meet our standard for quality reads, and ‘sale’ books must meet our pricing criteria. To ensure your book has the best chance of being accepted, please note the following for both sale books and full-priced new releases.

    • Generally, sale books must be free or discounted by at least 30%. Our subscribers want to know they are getting the best deals available.
    • Sale books must be a genuine deal. We won’t consider a book if it has been offered for a better price in the last 50 days.
    • Sale books must be a limited-time offer except for books in the Free Category (see last point below). If your book is always offered at the price you wish to advertise with us (with the exception of New Releases or Free Books), and is not discounted, we are unable to offer it as a ‘good deal’ to our subscribers. Anything on sale for a period longer than two months will not be considered.
    • New releases and sale books must be available with at least one major retailer.
    • New release books must be available on preorder or have been published within the last 6 weeks to qualify as a new release.
    • Perma-Free books are a new addition to Booktastik (as from June, 2016). After surveying over 7,000 subscribers, 97% were in favour of receiving information on perma-free books. These books can only be featured in the Free Books category (not in genre categories). They will be sent in the newsletter emails and will remain on the site for a period of 4 weeks.
    • Editing is important to us, as we only want to recommend quality reads to our subscribers. Please only submit books that have been professionally edited. We are looking to promote books with a minimum of grammar and punctuation errors and that read well.

Unfortunately, even if your book meets all of our requirements, we may not be able to feature it, as there are a limited number of advertising opportunities each day, but there are things you can do to ensure your book has the best possible chance of being featured with Booktastik.

    • Price (for sale books): We prefer to feature books that are offered free to $2.99 – the lower the price, the more likely our readers are to buy it.
    • Dates: Because we have a limited number of spots in each category each day, we may not have the exact date you want. Your flexibility means your book is more likely to be featured. NOTEWe work on US EST to fit in with most major ebook retailers. For example if your sale is on the 20th in Australia, that would be the 19th in the US, so keep that in mind when booking. Please ensure your book is discounted until midnight on the date you’ve stated (e.g. deal ends 03/06 means MIDNIGHT on that date).
    • Reviews: Reader reviews and ratings help our editors get a good idea of how others have responded to your book. However, there is no minimum number of reviews required.
    • Genre: Certain subgenres are more popular with our readers than others and we have a limited number of categories at present. Even if your book isn’t a good fit for us right now, there is a good chance that we will expand to include your category in the future. Please contact us if you have any suggestions or questions in this regard.
    • Word Count: All books (novellas/novels) must have a minimum word count of 20,000 words. We don’t advertise single short stories. (Poetry is exempt from this criteria).
    • Retailer book page: The more professional your book page looks on the retailer’s website, the more likely the readers will be to buy your book once they get there. Your page should have well written content (blurb and product description).

We are constantly looking for content that is the best fit with our readers, so even if our editors didn’t approve your book, doesn’t mean that we won’t in the future. Our job is to ensure the most appropriate product reaches our readers at the appropriate time so that our advertisers experience the best results from their promotion.


  • If we accept your listing, we require payment prior to the feature being advertised.
  • Please make sure your book is on sale for the dates you’ve advised.
  • If your listing is not selected and you would like to resubmit your book, please wait at least three weeks before doing so.


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