Sun Weaver

by Laura Riley

Sasha is hiding in a small beach town, never sure if the people around her can be trusted with her secret. She is a Sun Weaver, with the power to harness sunlight.

But despite her worry, Sasha is happy enough. She enjoys the sunny weather and has a good job in a cafe where she can flirt with a great looking guy, Adam. But when beautiful newcomer Melissa replaces Sasha’s boss and shows an interest in Adam, Sasha realises she may have missed her chance.

Worse, there’s evidence that a Moon Weaver is loose in Madison Cove. As old enemies of the Sun Weavers, Sasha needs to know if she is she being hunted. Does the Moon Weaver have something to do with her mother’s unsolved murder?

As she searches for clues to the Moon Weaver’s identity, it seems there is no-one to turn to… except Adam, who has secrets of his own.

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