The Billionaire’s Step – Part One

by Michaela Adams

Calm, cool, and calculating, Julian Benedict has been able to rise from a childhood of nothing into the creator of an international empire. He has become one of the world’s most powerful men. And yet no matter the power or prestige, he somehow still could not find her. The one he had long ago sworn to protect, to rescue. Even with his millions, he can’t find a trace of her.

Cora Rámon knows that life will only promise you heartache unless you fight back. Abuse, betrayal, abandonment, that was what life had taught her. Once, as a girl, she had believed in a boy’s promise. She had believed in his oath to protect. But she soon realized what a fantasy it was. She was on her own.

Now a grown woman, she was determined to carve out her own piece of the world. And damn anyone who gets in her way. But everything changes when Cora finds herself interviewing to be Julian Benedict’s new personal assistant. Dominant and decisive meets bold and determined. Who will win?

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