The Clown Picture

27 August 2017

“Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Come see the flying trapeze twins, the lion and lion tamer, the clown and his appetite for children! Do be scared, as it helps in the digestion process!”

9-year-old Logan Barnes loves the circus more than anything. In fact, all he wants to be when he grows up is a clown. To instill hope in people; to make sick children feel well again.

But when his mom brings him home a painted picture of a sad-looking clown, he begins to seriously reconsider. Something is very wrong with this old, worn painting, and it’s only going to get worse–much worse. The picture is just plain evil. In addition, the clown trapped inside of it is somewhat alive, and will do everything he can to escape into the real world… no matter what it takes.

Does Logan stand a chance against him? Or is he doomed from the start? Either way, it’ll be one heck of a battle.


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