The Heart of the Forest

1 April 2017

Run for your life, do battle with bullies, and foil a murder.

Eleven-year-old Edward is tired of babysitting every child in the village. He wants some friends his own age. Most of all, he wants to go to The Forge, a school where students learn sword fighting, archery and other cool stuff. His parents say he’s too young though.

Everything changes when an old soldier staggers into the village, chased by murderous goblins, and whisks Edward away on the journey of a lifetime.

But arriving at school is just the start of his adventure. If he can survive rich bullies, ogres, and a teacher who’d quite happily kill him, he might live long enough to figure out what’s going on in the forest. Because somebody’s attacking soldiers, and there’s no telling who’s next.

The Heart of the Forest is a fast-paced and exciting adventure, perfect for fans of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.


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