The Pitchfork Tattoo

13 August 2019

Twenty-five years ago, the quiet town of Covington, Florida, was flipped upside down by a grizzly murder. What seemed like a slam dunk investigation turned into a flurry of accusations when another body was found. Nothing suggested the two killings were related, except for one coincidence…

The victim had become a murderess, three weeks after her own death.

The evidence from the first murder sentenced a man to death row.┬áThe evidence from the second murder sat in a cardboard box… Until now.

What would you do if an event from your past came back to haunt you and you saw an opportunity to set the record straight? But by putting your guilt to rest, you risk destroying the lives of the people who mean the most to you. What would you do?

Jack Coulter was going home. After more than 24 years, he was finally able to settle down in his hometown of Covington, Florida. But a reunion with his old buddies quickly turns sour when an event from their past is brought up. No one told Jack what happened after he left town the summer after graduation. But when a friend let it slip that the girl he’d met that night was found dead a week later, he knew they were partially to blame for her death.

Her murder had been solved. No one came around asking questions so the teenage boys got on with their lives. But when Jack discovers something that could re-open the case and shine the light of suspicion back on him and his high school buddies, he can’t let it go. Now Jack must answer the toughest question he’ll ever have to face. Is a clear conscious worth the devastation his actions will cause?


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