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The Valiant Few

14 December 2017

In a time long before history as we know it, the earth was divided into The Four Quadrants. Different in geography and cultures, the Quadrants had already had long, full histories when our tales begin. The stories of this time originate in the Near Quadrant, an area that had been dominated by the Bendorians for hundreds of years. Their mounted Lancers had established and kept the peace, but as the story begins there is change in the air and danger on the horizon.

A threat is approaching Bendoria from the Far Quadrant, an invasion that none may survive. The Korluz Horde is coming.

Into this treacherous time step the Bendorian Scouts, a newly reorganized band of bold men. They will attempt to unravel the mysteries of this life-altering threat to Bendoria and possibly uncover even deeper treachery. Can such a valiant few take a stand to successfully save the Bendorian culture from doom?


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