Tightwad (Caldwell Brothers Book 2)

24 August 2017

Taryn—I deserve to cut loose.

After landing an exclusive contract with a famous fashion designer, I’m anxious to celebrate my victory and blow off some steam with my bestie. I’ve worked hard building my high-end Vegas boutique into the go-to shopping spot for the rich and famous. Just this one time, I’m going to shed my conservative exterior and flaunt my success. I’m going to drink. I’m going to flirt. I’m going to push every single limit.

I’m going to dance like nobody’s watching when every hot blooded male inside the exclusive club is.

Security doesn’t appreciate my Tony-worthy Broadway cage dance complete with jazz hands and thong peek-a-boo. But then he appears. A mystery savior. With his chiseled body, hypnotizing blue eyes, and hot-as-hell face, he’s a panty dropper. And he looks so darn familiar. It feels like we’ve known each other for years. He’s telling strangers I’m his girlfriend.

I feel safe. Protected. And wet.

The man’s probably a player. Then again, maybe that’s what I need–a man whose taste will linger on my lips for months. A man who knows how to make me come so hard I scream his name. What could be wrong with letting myself have just one little taste? Besides, I’ll never have to see him again.

But when I go to an important business meeting to discuss bringing down my arch enemy, I’m floored. My mystery savior is already there, baiting me. Teasing me. Making my body quiver with lust.A vicious criminal hell-bent on revenge, and secrets from my past throw up roadblocks at every turn. Mystery savior’s got a life in NYC and my life is here in Vegas. It can’t work. It won’t. But that doesn’t stop me from wanting to take everything he’s willing to give.


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