by Linda Fields

Deliah Rose is one hot mama. Literally. At 46, she’s perimenopausal, fears she will spontaneously combust during an embarrassing hot flash, and has hormonally driven mood swings wider than an eighteen-wheeler’s turns. Those are her good days — before she realizes that her husband is in love with a girl barely out of a training girdle.

Rocked by her husband’s duplicity, the formerly happy wife of advertising mogul Zachary Rose, reluctantly acknowledges that her marriage can’t be salvaged. Having seen herself as part of an indivisible unit, a couple, for 25 years, she is unsure of her own identity without Zach. Deliah starts spiraling toward depression; however, her best friend, Anna, won’t allow her to shut down. Anna points out, since she can’t revert to a single, adult Deliah who never existed, her only option is to become the strong, independent woman she would have been had she never met Zachary Rose. The special friendship of these two women whose love and support for one another is unconditional is vital to Deliah’s recovery.

With the dissolution of her marriage pending, her self-worth and, she fears, her desirability gone, Deliah struggles to overcome feelings of rejection, humiliation, and inadequacy. Trying to reinvent herself socially, she finds the notion of a new romance is less apt to involve throbbing members and heaving bosoms than throbbing insecurities and heaving from nerves.

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