29 October 2017

Ray Dennis: A bricklayer, a teacher, a philosophy student and a sufferer of several disorders, including bi-polar, borderline personality disorder, alcoholism and a fear of flying.

ULOpia: An island free of prejudice, conflict and deprivation. Located somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, inhabited by Unidentified Latent Organisms, more commonly known as ULOpians.

Fleeing a murder, almost drowning, desperate and on the verge of insanity, Ray is rescued from the Pacific Ocean and taken aboard a yacht where he anxiously awaits his fate.

The owner of the yacht, a Scottish billionaire and philanthropist, grants Ray a second chance at life on the paradise island of ULOpia.

The only rules for ULOpians are: be grateful every day, remove pre-programmed labels and prejudices, lend a helping hand, and write a personal account every six months.

And so begins a life-changing spiritual odyssey on ULOpia where Ray learns some powerful life lessons, harnesses his inner demons, encounters both higher and lower versions of himself, and struggles to find a way to a fulfilled, peaceful and meaningful way of living, beyond the dark grasp of the world “out there.”


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