Vampire Manor

11 November 2017

Life is hard in a 1920s mill town with the poverty, long hours – and vampires…

I’m Lillian Dane, and I’ve discovered that there’s something my town is keeping in the shadows.

The mill is the center of our town. Maybe it’s sacrilegious to say this, but the mill’s owners are spoken of in terms usually reserved for the church. There are parallels: they live high in a manor on the mountain – unseen and seemingly watching over us. We live below in the town, depending on them for everything that sustains us: our jobs, the food we eat, the rental roofs over our heads.

I never thought much about the mill owners – until lately. But I’ve discovered secretive townspeople visiting the estate after dark. I’ve seen ancient – and yet oddly familiar – symbols on their gate. And I’ve stumbled upon strange and terrifying creatures haunting the grounds of the manor.

But most fascinating of all, I – Lillian Dane – have laid eyes on one of the reclusive mill owners, and he is beautiful – as beautiful as one of the angels pictured in the big Bible at the front of our church.

And now I can’t seem to stop myself from sneaking onto the mill owners’ estate to catch another glimpse of him, even though everyone warns me of the family’s power – and how they will use it to get anything they want.

I’m sure they’re right. I’m sure I should be afraid of the family. But right now I’m more afraid of the shudder of wings I feel in the darkness right behind me…


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