When Darkness Comes to Town: A Behind the Scenes Novel

by Tammy Powell

Melar Campos has just witnessed her best friend’s murder. On the run and hunted for a crime she didn’t commit, she changes her name to Macy and hides out in Posey Cove, Pennsylvania, a small town that has seen its share of crime recently.

Months before, Behind the Scenes private investigator Jack Pepper, along with his partner Tuck Mallory, investigated a case that led to the death of a vicious rapist and killer. Jack, slowly recovering from a gun shot wound, hires Melar when his housekeeper unexpectedly takes a leave of absence to tend to her family. Jack senses something more to Melar, and it doesn’t take long before he figures out she’s not who she says she is.

With a killer on the hunt for the one person who can put him away, Melar relies on Jack and his team from Behind the Scenes to gather the evidence she needs. As Melar learns of each new victim, she finds solace in Jack’s arms. As a killer makes his way to Posey Cove, Melar must deal with her feelings for Jack and fight to stay alive so she can clear her name.

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