Wicked Summer

9 August 2017

Who says all sisters have a close bond? The Bloom sisters Iris, Hyacinth and Poppy don’t at first glance. In fact, they take the prize in bickering and trying to be one up on each other. Even the cool breezes of Cape Harriet and the Rising Tides Inn seem to have no effect on them. Neither does Zadie’s pampering and yummy food.

Sadly, the girls aren’t making an effort to get along for their Mom’s 60th birthday. Mary Bloom got the seaside vacation she always wanted. Now she wants her daughters to relax and enjoy their summer holiday.

As the sisters reluctantly tolerate each other, the truth begins to emerge. Iris is as judgmental as ever, but there is a desperation simmering under the surface. Hyacinth acts confident, but she is trying to make a tough decision about her career and life. Poppy may have roamed through 40+ countries, but she is a little girl at heart, trying to earn the respect of her older sisters.

Everyone is hiding something. But it won’t be long before the secrets begin to unravel like a ball of yarn. And the biggest secret of all will shock you to the core.


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