Write a Best Selling Novel: Understanding Cops and Spies

14 July 2017

Do you want to make more money with your writing in the genre of detective, police, mystery, spy, thriller, adventure? Here is the formula: #1. Be able to express yourself with words on paper (You must have a reasonable level of talent). #2. Know the subject matter of which you write (This is where most writers fail). #3. People who read your book are impressed enough to recommend it to others. Cover #1 and #2. and it will result in #3.

Writers with the information and insight of #2. above, will enable them to create a better novel or screenplay in the genres mentioned above. The difference between a good novel or script, and a great novel or script, can be a greatly enhanced income.

The fact is that 95% of authors do not understand the police, how they react, how they think and what they actually do. The same can be said for intelligence officers and agents (spies). This book will enable you to leap ahead of other writers in the same genre. Most detective/spy novels, TV shows and movies have such huge holes in their plots that intelligent readers may find the product ridiculous. The purpose of this manual is to provide the “inside dope” on how law enforcement and intelligence agencies operate, and just as importantly, how the officers and agents think and approach problems and situations.

Equipped with this knowledge, a whole new world of potential will open up to the writer. Situations that were given a few paragraphs in a novel, or a few minutes in a movie, could become the most interesting and exciting feature of a novel or movie, and at the very least, creates endless possibilities to expand and enhance a story.


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